DV Magazine: Multimedia Authoring Column

Publication / publisher name: DV Magazine
Title: Monthly column: Multimedia Authoring
Publication Date: 1996 - 1997

Apple released HyperCard in 1987, and in the following 10 years the power of multimedia authoring packages had begun to grow to a point where average users had access to some pretty sophisticated software capabilities including data structures and object oriented programming.  To take full advantage of this power, I wrote a column dedicated to teaching non-technical users some of the thinking that goes into software design and development, with the hope that it would help people unlock the power of their inner-coder.

Column Title Published
Write Your Own Story: Algorithms April 1996
Software Engineering May 1996
Authoring in a Team Environment June 1996
Hunting Bugs July 1996
Performance in Authoring August 1996
Design and Authoring September 1996
Sound and Multimedia October 1996
Pushing Buttons November 1996
Mac and Windows Compatibility (web only) December 1996

Mips, Megaherz, and Megaflops (web only) January 1997
Stupid Palette Tricks February 1997

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