Creating and Designing Multimedia

Publication / publisher name: Prentiss Hall
Title: Creating and Designing Multimedia with Director
Publication Date: 1997

This book was intended to serve as a text book for college students studying multimedia production in general and the use of Macromedia Director in particular. There are three types of knowledge needed to effectively use any tool such as Director:

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Mechanics
  3. Lore

In this text, we tried to address all three. The organizing principle of the book is around projects - each chapter is a project - to reinforce the mechanics of how to use Director. Interleaved with the projects are numerous sidebars. "Astute Reader Alerts" and "Voodoo Alerts" offer advice about Director's "lore" - the stories that developers pass around to help avoid the "gotchas" inherent in any complex package. Through other sidebars and textual pedagogy, we address the fundamentals of various skills required by aspiring developers such as structured thinking for programming, design, typography and animation.

The pages below show how structured thinking is introduced in text, and, using three successive sidebars, how important the notion of balance of technical, visual, and informational thinking is to overall experience design

The cover of the book sets a lighter tone and introduces the illustration style.
A structured flow to the Hangman Game project is shown to introduce the style of thinking required in programming.
The process of multimedia design is introduced as a process of balancing intent with reality -- goals with contraints.
The notion of balance is addressed directly by identifying types of design that must work together as part of an integrated whole.
The effects of imbalance on a design are illustrated with an exploration of different scenarios.

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