Publisher Title Date

Prentiss Hall Creating and Designing Multimedia with Director
College textbook that teaches MacroMedia Director and principles of computer programming, using Director's language "Lingo" as a platform.
DV Magazine Monthly column: Multimedia Authoring
As a contributing editor, I wrote 12 monthly columns focusing on multimedia authoring. Topics included algorithms, bug hunting, using sound, the production team, etc
1996 - 1997
DV Magazine Well Made Multimedia: How to design multimedia that works, in theory and in practice
An article that explains my theoretical approach to design on one hand, combined with the practical use of that theory in one project
June 1995
Pixel Magazine Universal data access for time series analysis
Description of Flexible File Server, a feature I invented that allows BBN/Probe, a large-scale time-series data analysis and reduction tool, to immediately access arbitrary data formats without the need for preprocessing.
March/April 1991

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