Historical Collections On-line Exhibits

Institution / client name: Harvard Business School,
Baker Library
Project name: Historical Collections On-line Exhibits
Date: 2006-2007
Role(s): Product Design, Project Management, Vendor Management

The Historical Collections department at HBS' Baker Library staged public exhibits in its foyer on a regular basis. The exhibits were accompanied by an on-line companion to the exhibit. I oversaw the User Experience for these exhibits, and managed the in-house and contracted resources we used to produce them. I was also beginning to introduce standardization in the overall design so that the companion web sites felt related.

New Directions: Building Baker Library's Collections

An exhibit describing some of the extraordinary collections housed in Baker Library. The exhibit focuses on the current themes driving new acquisitions.

The Human Factor: Introducing the Industrial Life Photograph Collection at the Baker Library

A visual tour through the acquisition of photographs of industrial workers between the world wars by such famous photographers as Margaret Bourke-White and Lewis Hine.

The Funny Side of the Street: Introducing the Wall Street Journal cartoon collection at Baker Library

A tour through the collection of WSJ cartoons that appeared as Pepper ... and Salt

Coin & Consciendce: Popular Views of Money, Credit and Speculation

A collection of prints from Historical Collections that illustrate popular attitudes toward money over time.

Historical Returns: Linking Ideas across Time

A series of historical capsules illustrating how historical themes re-appear in different times. Only Capsule 1, Financial Bubbles, was produced.

Financial Bubbles

First capsule in the Historical Returns series. Exploration of the simmilarities between the 1720 South Sea Bubble and the recent Tech Bubble.

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