UX Strategy at Iron Mountain Digital

Institution / client name: Iron Mountain Digital
Project name: User Experience Architecture / Strategy
Date: Fall, winter 2008
Role(s): Strategy, design, prototyping

The following sequence shows successive refinements of the development of the work flow for one component:

Iron Mountain Digital’s products come from a mixture of in-house development and acquisition. The products were created at different points in time, by different teams answering different challenges. As is typical with all situations like this, the user experiences in general and the user interfaces in particular, were dissimilar and evolved like the streets in Boston, as opposed to the streets in New York.

My goal was to develop a strategy to move us over time to a state where the user experiences across our data archiving products were both consistent and integrated, and their implementation could be easily aligned with the constraints on product development. In order to do this, I needed to define the end state we would target.

The end state I had envisioned was a suite of interconnected component products, each targeted to a set of highly related functions. Each component focused on a particular task and would be able to pass a set of assets to another components to perform other tasks. In this model, the internal workflow of each component could be designed for a narrower group of use cases that is more focused around a single task; and the workflow between modules is completely flexible and only limited by the number of other existing components.

This architecture provides benefit to other functions within the company as well. Sales and marketing are given the freedom to bundle different components together in ways that support their strategy; newly developed components automatically leverage the functions already created; a framework exists for integrating any products that might be acquired; development can be phased more precisely, etc.

I developed a presentation describing the concept, and got unanimous support. To illustrate the concept, I developed internal workflows for a few of the proposed components and developed functional web-based mockups to allow people to really “see” what was being proposed.

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