Client Project Date

Black Duck Software Ohloh — Creating Coherent Navigation
A Blog Post I wrote explaining why we changed the navigation structure of Ohloh.
July, 2012

Red Hat Reframing the Subscription Process
An exploration of creating the mental model for a user experience that spans half-a-dozen or more software applications. Users interact with Red Hat's subscription process in virtually all of its products, and this project was to design what the user's mental model should be.
Winter, spring 2011

Iron Mountain Digital User Experience Architecture / Strategy
Developed approach to unify disparate product user experiences over time.
Fall, winter 2008

Harvard Business School, Baker Library HBS Working Knowledge
Product design and project management for redesign of Baker Library flagship product. Product won recognition as 2007 Webby Honoree.
June, 2006

Harvard Business School,
Baker Library
Historical Collections On-line Exhibits
Produced quarterly online companions to public exhibits staged by the Historical Collections department at HBS' Baker Library.

Plymouth Rock Assurance Co. Enterprise Rock Talk: Intranet for 8 Companies
Take the existing configurable intranet, and expand its function so that 8 different sister companies can have their own intranets, and be able to view the other intranets.
Summer 2004

Plymouth Rock Assurance Co RockTalk: Configurable Intranet
By analyzing the business objective of, "make more people use the intranet," I created an action plan that required defining a new process for creating content, as well as a new tool for managing the content.
Spring, 2003

Jack Rouse Associates
Kiosk that allows visitors to build a car: one of several models from each of 8 marques.
Summer 2000

Spirit of Ford Museum Design Your Own Car
Design a concept car by combining attributes of different types. Upload design to the web.
Summer 1999

California Science Center;
Getty Museum
Video Periscope
2-station video-conferencing kiosk with networked games and activities.
Fall 1997

Interval Research;
Electric Carnival
5 Kiosks and computer network activities focusing on blending images of visitors' faces.
Spring 1994

Motorola Binary Bingo
7 different experiences teaching about Motorola's history and technology.
Spring 1992

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