Senior user experience designer with 15+ years of UX design, technology, creative and management experience, building and enhancing desktop- and web-applications, web sites, intranets, and kiosks in the enterprise software, applications software, cloud computing, education, insurance, museum and television arenas, seeking senior level individual contributor role:
  • Deep understanding of the UX design process
  • Superior at assimilating constraints of different parts of complex environments and providing multiple design options
  • Skilled in communicating and forging consensus among stakeholders representing user, engineering, business, marketing and visual design interests to create excellent holistic designs and products with top-tier user experiences
  • Proven track record as a creative problem-solver
UX design philosophy in a nutshell
No Headaches: My basic tenet of good UX design for software tools. Users should be able to accomplish their goals easily.
Forge Coherent Design: The best UX design is possible when all stakeholders and teams share the same product goals and intents.
Primary Skills: Supporting Skills:
  • User Experience Design
  • User Experience Strategy
  • Management
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Software Engineering
  • Business
  • Education / Teaching
  • Creative Thinking
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