I am a Senior User Experience Designer with 15+ years of usability, technology, creative and management experience -skilled in communicating and forging consensus among stakeholders representing user, business, technical, marketing and visual design interests, to create excellent holistic designs and products with top-tier user experiences - with a proven track record as a creative problem-solver.

Please explore some of my past experience to get a better sense of me.

Practical Applications User Experience Strategy Iron Mountain Digital
  Large-scale Public Web Site HBS Working Knowledge
  Enterprise-wide Intranet Site Plymouth Rock Assurance
  Kiosk-based Experience Design Volkswagen Autostadt: Auto Design
  Web-based Exhibitions HBS Historical Collections: Companion Exhibitions

Thought Leadership College Text Prentiss Hall: Designing and Creating Multimedia
  Published Article Digital Video Magazine: Designing Multimedia That Works
  Individual Research The User Interaction Cycle
  Current Work Make Better Product Design Decisions: Predict the Future

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